See what our patients have to say about Dr. Sutherland and Torrance Dental Arts.


The technology has been a lot more advanced than in any of the other dentists I’ve ever been to like the lasers, well mainly the lasers.



Dr. Sutherland is fantastic because he treats you kindly, he just does everything.



The nice thing about Dr. Sutherland is his lab is here so if it doesn’t fit correctly they will redo it. You come in the morning and you have teeth in the afternoon.



Wonderful staff, very friendly. I came in for the second time here and everybody remembered my name, knew who I was, treated me like they’ve known me for years.



Dr. Sutherland always lets you know what he’s going to do and why he’s doing a procedure before he does it and I really appreciate that because I can understand what’s going on.



Dr. Sutherland’s great, the whole office is really welcoming, when you come in and they’re always making sure that you’re comfortable in the chair, we get to listen to great music.



Dr. Sutherland is very nice. He’s superb, he’s wonderful, he’s charming, nice, does good work, he doesn’t hurt me, super.



Dr. Sutherland is friendly because he’s very patient and even soft spoken during the entire time I was with him and very comfortable.



The first thing he’s a good dentist and his personality makes you feel comfortable.



The competence level and the work I’ve had done here with Dr. Sutherland’s been great.



Dr. Sutherland really cares for his patients because that’s what he does for a living, that’s his life.



About almost 13 years ago I had a tooth that had to come out and I was very bad, I did not care for my teeth for a long time. After about eight years it was time to do something about my teeth and I went for an extraction and I got a bacterial infection from the extraction.



I guess when I was a child I had a very bad experience and it kept me from coming to the dentist for a long time.

Sue Ellen

Dr. Sutherland is friendly because he takes the time to talk to his patients, to explain what’s going on and to get to know them.



I think that the staff here is very confident and Dr. Sutherland is low key and he’s quiet and relaxed and he gives you the confidence that he knows that he’s doing. It’s been a good investment.



I’m in sales and even though my mouth doesn’t show my teeth that much I’m conscious of people with good teeth and I want to present myself well.



Dr. Sutherland is just a very nice doctor that understands your needs and your problems that you have in your mouth.



I love the staff. The staff are very friendly, they’re very patient.



Dr. Sutherland is very professional, he tells me exactly what’s going on and what he’s doing.



I want my teeth to be in good shape and I want my health to be in good shape.



I can highly recommend Dr. Sutherland for any dental work.



I’ve been to ten doctors for one thing, ten different doctors and finally one of my neighbors told me why don’t you go to Dr. Sutherland, he’s excellent.



I never really experienced any pain, he’s just like hands of silk or whatever; you don’t feel anything when he works on you.



The staff here is very friendly and takes good care of me every time I come in.



Dr. Sutherland has the most low key, calm, relaxed personality which is absolutely a great match for those sitting in the dental chair, because just saying the word dentist people have that connotation and start the blood pressure rising.