Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile makeovers with same-day cosmetic dentistry are a an option for you with Dr. Sutherland. Torrance Dental Arts offers same-day makeovers – or it’s free!

Replace a missing tooth, chipped tooth, discolored tooth, in just one office visit. Looking in the mirror and realizing your smile isn’t what it used to be? Not sure you want the hassle of fixing that smile?

Dr. Sutherland brings you the latest in digital, laser and CEREC technology to create a new tooth or revive an old one. No more waiting for a lab to send back your tooth.

At Torrance Dental Arts, you can get a digital image of your tooth. You can preview your smile on the computer before it’s even built. Dr. Sutherland spends time with you to make sure the beautiful smile you want is what you get. From veneers to crowns to implants, you can get a natural-looking smile that you love.

These same-day procedures use cutting-edge dental technology to save you time and money. Meanwhile, you leave our office with a smile worth showing off.

Shifting teeth? Dr. Sutherland has fast orthodontics to restore your bite.

Call Torrance Dental Arts today at 301-961-2935 or schedule an appointment online to see how our cosmetic dentistry can get you smiling again with confidence.

See how you can try your smile on before you buy it with our cosmetic dentistry!