Why Choose Us

why choose us

Why Choose Us for Your Dental Care?

  • Perfect Smile in One Day – or It’s Free!
  • Same-Day Dentistry
  • Metal-Free Dentistry
  • Insurance Guarantee
  • Dental Care to Fit Your Budget
  • Sedation Dentistry – It’s a Dream!
  • Caring, Fun Staff
  • Gentle, Personable Dentist
  • Top-Notch Technology

Torrance Dental Arts wants you to be happy you chose us! Our dentist and staff work to get you a smile you’ll love and wear with confidence.

Dr. Sutherland brings you the latest in dental training and technology with the personable care you seek. In your initial consult, you will be able to see on digital imaging, your teeth and gums. Pick out the smile you want before you buy it.

Contact us today online or by phone at (310) 961-2935 to start getting the smile you deserve!