29Oct 2014

Save your teeth from decay and bring your Halloween candy to us! It will go to a good cause!

16Jul 2014

When periodontitis strikes, it’s time to take a more progressive approach to getting rid of the disease. Periodontitis strikes well under the gum line where the bone structure is supporting the tooth. If left alone, the infection will weaken the bone, causing a loss of the tooth and allowing the infection to spread. In order […]

15Jul 2014

1) See Your Dentist Most doctors recommend that you see your dentist about a month before your chemo begins. This visit is really important because we need to make sure that you mouth is free of infection before your chemo begins. An oral infection can halt or slow your chemotherapy, so routine dental appointments are […]

13Jul 2014

  That’s No Longer the Case We no longer repair receding gums that way. Thanks to Dr. Chao’s Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST™), we are able to give you world class treatment right here in Torrance. The procedure is much simpler than the surgery. The patient experiences much less pain and discomfort, but the results are […]

12Jul 2014

Empowerment comes in all forms. Some of our patients feel most empowered when they are awake during their procedure. We can accomplish that through our very precise administration of sedation. We can administer nitrous oxide gas or an oral sedative to ensure that you can be awake for your procedure. This will allow you to […]

11Jul 2014

Bonding – Dental bonding is a great way to correct small issues without breaking the bank. Bonding requires us to use composite material to mold and shape your smile. We can change the color, size, and shape of your teeth as well as correct cracks and gaps in your teeth with dental bonding. This is a […]

10Jul 2014

Traditionally, dental implants take closer to a year to place. The main cause for that time is that many patients need bone grafting before implants can be placed. Once you lose your teeth, your jaw bone begins to get smaller. That makes it difficult to place an implant for every tooth, so dentists would add […]

09Jul 2014

If we notice a tooth weakening, we will take action to protect your natural tooth from the unthinkable. Weakened teeth can be protected using a dental crown. We simply prepare the tooth to be covered, then bond a dental crown over the top of your tooth, creating a strong dental restoration that will hold your […]

08Jul 2014

By the strictest definition, a cosmetic dentist is a dentist who restores the look of your original teeth. This can include procedures such as whitening, bonding, reshaping, and even replacement. Not only are procedures such as these helpful to our self-images (after all, three-quarters of adults in America believe that people are attracted to good […]

07Jul 2014

These printers will allow a dental specialist to produce wax-ups for crowns, bridges, and denture frameworks. With approximately 38% of American adults aged 34 to 44 missing at least one tooth, this new 3D printing technology could help reduce wait times for people receiving cosmetic dental work. Using wax deposition modeling technology, which is a […]