Meet the Staff

meet the staff

Torrance Dental Arts staff loves to make you feel like you are a top priority to our team.  We work to make going to the dentist fun. Yes, fun. We have fun working together and want you to enjoy the fun, relaxing office.
Our highly-skilled staff is professional and warm, treating patients like family. From our front office to our patient care co-ordinator, Torrance Dental Arts staff works to make sure your needs are met. You deserve to leave our office smiling.


Meet the Staff:

Nancy – Patient Advocator
Eli – Patient Care Coordinator
Angela – Hygiene Coordinator
Manny – Specialty Coordinator
Hanna – Cerec design Specialist
Art – Office Manager
Krystal Moreno – Specialty Assistant


Meet Doctor Steven J. Sutherland


Dental Hygienists:




Nancy Mayorga – Patient Advocator

Alma Mater: Covina High – Massage Therapy Certified and Licensed Radiology

Why you love working at TDA: I enjoy the independence and trust I am given to perform various tasks as well as working with a great team to help patients. The whole experience has been very eye opening and rewarding.

Hobbies: Designing and Massage Therapy
Family Fact: Proud auntie of Valeria age 1 and Jaime age 1. They are what make me be a kid again.
Favorite Vacation spot: Anywhere that has to do with camping.



Angela Ducazau – Position: Hygiene Coordinator

Why you love working at TDA: I love helping my patients maintain their healthy and beautiful smiles.
Hobbies: Watching my daughters deer and watching football (go chargers!)
Family Fact: I am a proud mother of 3 beautiful, smart and caring daughters
Favorite Vacation spot: Doesn’t matter, as long as I’m having fun 🙂



Art Tipp – Office Manager

Alma Mater: U.C. Berkeley

Why you love working at TDA: The people and the pace
Hobbies: Tennis, Film
Family Fact: Native Californians
Favorite Vacation Spot: Hawaii




Watch and See Why They Love Working at Torrance Dental Arts



My goal in life is to make the most of everything I can to make the patients happy. The different thing about California — when they say it is a melting pot, people converge here, especially here in the South Bay area. You come across different ethnicities: Asian, black, white, Hispanic. You come across almost anybody here, even those from Eastern European countries.

Basically, we cater to different kinds of medical backgrounds and different nationalities. For me, it exposed me to different backgrounds of people. I like meeting people. It’s a passion for me.



Dr. Sutherland is an interesting doctor. He’s young, aggressive in the sense that he doesn’t want to — he doesn’t sit on his laurels, having had a degree at one time and now he’s a doctor and just does his work. There’s really hardly a time that I’ve known him that he isn’t constantly trying to improve his knowledge in dentistry.

I know that one of the things that he talks about a lot is to try to keep the patient out of pain. That’s why he acquires some of the things he’s acquired, like instruments and tools that keep somebody from even having to take a shot and get numb. He has lasers now that he works with. It is very high tech — it is absolutely painless for the patients. That’s one of his goals.